The process for affecting positive change to improve practice outcomes can start with either the identification of an area of interest or the identification of a potential or existing practice problem. Selecting an area of interest helps to define a direction for further inquiry. The purpose of this assessment is for students to identify and discuss an area of interest specific to advanced practice nursing. Students will identify a common practice problem related to the selected area of interest and provide a recommendation to affect positive change. Students will build on this project in later courses. 

Note: The purpose of the MSN project is to translate evidence currently found in the literature into practice within the chosen specialty track. Due to the research complexity, time involvement, and implications regarding human subjects, drug studies are not acceptable areas of interest for an MSN project. 

Create an 8-12 slide PowerPoint Presentation that includes the following: 

  1. Introduction: slide should identify concepts to be addressed and sections of the presentation. Include speaker’s notes that explain, in more detail, what will be covered. 
  2. Evidence-based projects: slide should explain the general importance of master’s-prepared nurses engaging in evidence-based projects related to nursing practice and profession. Provide speaker’s notes with additional detail and support from at least one outside scholarly source (not the textbook or course lesson). 
  3. Conceptual Model: slide should provide an illustration of a conceptual model that could be used to develop an evidence-based project. Possible models include The John’s Hopkins or Advancing Research and Clinical Practice through Close Collaboration (ARCC) Models or you may select another model you find in the literature. In the speaker’s notes, explain how the model would be applied to the development of an evidence-based project. Provide support from at least one outside scholarly source (not the textbook or course lesson). 
  4. Area of Interest: identify an area of interest related to NP practice in which a practice change may be needed. Slide should identify the area of interest and what is currently known on the topic. Speaker’s notes more fully explain what is currently known and should provide rationale for why the area of interest is important to NP practice. Provide support from at least one outside scholarly source (not the textbook or course lesson). 
  5. Issue/concern and recommendation for change: slide should identify a specific concern related to your general area of interest and your recommendation for a practice change. Speaker’s notes should more fully explain the recommended change and rationale for the change. Recommendation should be supported by at least one outside scholarly source (not the textbook or course lesson). 
  6. Factors Influencing Change: slide should identify at least 2 internal and external factors that could impact your ability to implement your recommended change. Speaker’s notes should more fully explain how the factors you’ve identified would support or impede the implementation of your recommendations. Factors may be based on personal experience or on information you found in your research. If the identified factors come from the literature, provide reference citations to support your ideas. 
  7. NONPF Competencies: slide identifies at least two NONPF Competencies that are relevant to an evidence-based project related to your area of interest. Speaker’s notes should explain how the competencies relate to your area of interest. Provide support from at least one outside scholarly source (not the textbook or course lesson). 
  8. Conclusion: slide provides summary points of presentation. Speaker’s notes provide final comments on the topic.  

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Nurses are instrumental in the process of development of healthcare measures to ensure that one is able to eliminate the healthcare concerns and that there is an ease in the development of a strategic step in the identification of changes and putting in place the preferred health interventions to manage the changes. In this presentation there is a focus on an area of interest.
The creation of new interventions in nursing practice is carried out by taking into consideration the need for use of evidence based practice activities. The EBP is carried out by making use of MSN skills. This implies that one should have skills on the process of carrying out EBP projects. The skills will be fundamental in ensuring that one develops an intervention.
The conceptual change model that is to be implemented is Lewin’s three step change model that is intended to be used in the process of implementation of changes and the steps that are implemented are expected to be in line with the freezing, the change process, and the refreezing as alluded by Barrow and Toney-Butler (2017). The process of evaluation is intended to be carried out by having a clear process of decision making on how to handle the issue of changes….

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