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Question 1

Fisher highlighted a p value of <.05 as ‘statistically significant’ because:

  1. he derived it from Bayes theorem
  2. a specific value would make p-hacking obvious
  3. it represents the best trade off between practicality and precision
  4. it made for convenient calculations by hand

Question 2

Impact factor is a measure of:

  1. the likelihood that a discovery claim is true
  2. how many citations the average article in a journal receives
  3. the number of citations an author has receive
  4. how many news articles a discovery claim appears in

Question 3

In the context of this course, the point of hoax papers is to:

  1. test the quality of peer review of a publication
  2. discredit science
  3. trick people into believing falsehood
  4. increase an author’s citation count

Question 4

A utilitarian stance on ethics focuses on:

  1. the uselessness of ethics
  2. the virtues that make a person good
  3. the results of an action
  4. the intent behind an action

Question 5

If we require that studies have a P value of less than .05, we should expect:  

  1. jellybeans to cause acne
  2. only important studies will be published
  3. rampant fraud
  4. about 1 in 20 results to be purely chance

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