Criteria for Content

Part I: Concept Map

  1. Identify the mission, vision, and values of a selected organization.
  2. Create a concept map which portrays the relationships between the organizational mission, vision and core values, depicting how they do or do not support a culture of excellence.  The concept map must be your own, original work.

Part II: Written Paper

  1. In a three- to four- page paper, address the elements below.  Use a minimum of four peer-reviewed scholarly sources, current within five years, to support your work. See rubric for specific, required content criteria within each section of the paper:
    1. Provide an introduction to the paper.
    1. Discuss the characteristics of a culture of excellence.
    1. Present the mission, vision, and values of a selected organization, and explain the interrelationships between each element in the concept map.  Describe how the mission, vision, and values do or do not support a culture of excellence.
    1. Discuss application of two specific leadership strategies which promote a culture of excellence, and how they support the Chamberlain Care Model®.
    1. Provide a conclusion to the paper.


Leading a Culture of Excellence: Baptist Health of South Florida


   An organization’s culture generally refers to its philosophy, values, mission, traditions, and beliefs.  It is described as a social system that runs deep and greatly influences both formal and informal ways of how things are run within the organization (Mannion & Davies, 2018). Creating a culture of excellence within the healthcare industry is important as it creates systems that promote optimal health outcomes to improve the health status of the entire community. This submission seeks to conduct an analysis of Baptist‌ ‌Health‌ ‌South‌ ‌Florida‌ as an organization in the healthcare industry. It will include a description of the characteristics of a culture of excellence including the vision, mission, and values of Baptist Health Care South Florida…Kindly click the purchase icon to purchase the full solution(Part I and Part II) at $15