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Assignment Situation:

You are the nurse executive of Ocracoke Regional Healthcare System. Due to increasing healthcare costs over the past two years, the board and stakeholders have determined the total-patient-care nursing model is no longer sustainable and must be changed. In addition, Joint Commission has just completed their visit. Ocracoke received two recommendations for improvement in two of most current National Patient Safety Goals found at the link below.

National Patient Safety Goals-The Joint Commission (Links to an external site.)

You must address these recommendations using a new nursing care delivery model. Senior leadership expects to see increased cost savings through the use of this new model and improved outcomes related to two patient safety goals (you may choose any two patient safety goals you want to improve on by the time of the Joint Commission’s revisit in six(6) months.

Scenario Instructions:

For this assignment you will:

Complete the scenario by selecting and defining two National Patient Safety Goals and their deficiencies noted by The Joint Commission. You will identify the outcome measures used to assess them and the goals for improving these outcomes by implementing the new nursing care delivery model. You will describe the nursing care delivery model proposed, how it impacts the deficiencies in the safety goals chosen, and its economic impact on the organization.

Based on all the information gathered through your exploration you will create the PICOT.question for this evidence-based improvement. This will be included as a statement in the Overview of Issue section of the assignment.

At the Ocracoke Regional Healthcare System(P), will implementing a _____________ nursing care delivery system(I), compared to the current total care nursing care delivery system (C), result is compliance with the Joint Commission’s recommendations(O) at their revisit in 6 months(T). .

(See example below for review in writing a PICOT)


  1. Use the following format and headings to organize your assignment
    1. Introduction
      1. Statement of purpose of paper
      2. Overview of components of paper
    2. Overview of Issue
      1. Scenario
      2. National Patient Safety Goals identified
      3. New Nursing Care Delivery Model identified
      4. Final PICOT stated
    3. National Patient Safety Goals
      1. Safety goals and deficiencies identified
      2. Outcome measures defined
    4. New Nursing Model
      1. Description of new nursing care delivery model
      2. Impact of model in addressing the safety goals
      3. Impact of model on reducing organizational costs
    5. Conclusion
      1. Recap of paper’s purpose
      2. Summary of what was accomplished
  2. A minimum of three (3) scholarly sources, no older than 5 years must be used for the paper. These should be relevant to nursing and should represent the majority of evidence provided in the paper. Other sources may be used in addition to these, however, they will not be counted as part of the scholarly source requirement.
  3. The paper should contain all elements required under the guidelines and provided by the outline.


Nurses always utilize care delivery models in assessing, planning, and undertaking patient care that focuses on the provision of quality services as well as the satisfaction of the patients at a reduced cost (Havaei et al., 2019). Nevertheless, in the contemporary health care environment, limited budget, health human resources shortage, and quality and safety issues have influenced the need to redesign the existing delivery models in nursing care or development of more appropriate delivery models to address the contemporary challenges. Ocracoke Regional Healthcare System utilizes a total-patient-care nursing model for the delivery of the required care to the patients. This model is old and mainly involves a single nurse in organizing, planning, and performing the intended care to a group of patients (Fawcett, 2021). Besides, this framework is associated with limited safety outcomes as well poor quality service delivery. Thus, it is prudent to select a new nursing model that will effectively address the identified drawbacks. In this regard, this study focuses on developing a new nursing care delivery model appropriate for….Kindly click the purchase icon to purchase the full solution at $10

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