Prepare a 4-5 page discourse that reflects thoughtful consideration and comprehensive study of these theories. Present a written discourse using the theory analysis framework to create a well-organized thoughtful paper. Incorporate use of scholarly references, historical artifacts, and various theory resources (print, video, internet, museum artifacts). Cite references correctly throughout the paper and include in the references section of the paper.

Conclude this assignment with a personal reflection on use of these theories in your nursing practice. Include your perceptions of the most important contributions of your chosen theories to professional nursing practice.

The following criteria are used to assign points to this assignment:

  • The written work is presented in a well-organized thoughtful paper where multiple theories used in nursing are explored. Discuss at least two theories in addition to a potential summary reflection on the influence of Florence Nightingale in the development of these theories (if applicable).    
  • There is evidence of at least two theories incorporated into the paper, in addition to a summary discourse on Florence Nightingale’s influence on these theories.
  • A contemporary nursing practice issue is incorporated into the paper (preferably from the student’s own experience). Theory discussion demonstrates application of knowledge to contemporary nursing practice.

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Nursing Theory Analysis and Application


In this course, there have been lessons learned on the need for use of nursing theories and the philosophies that are used in nursing practice on a day to day basis. The use of nursing theories helps nurses in improving their profession and ensure that there is an enhancement in the knowledge of nurses on the way to handle day to day questions. Roy (2018) depicts that with nursing theories a nurse can be able to have a structure and order of protocol for carrying out nursing activities. The best way to gain an understanding of the nursing theories is to carry out an analysis of the theory and the way that it can be applied in the day to day practice. The process of carrying out an analysis there is based on the need for identification of meaningful components and the relevance of the use of the theory and how it should be applied in nursing practice. The two theories that are being assessed in this paper are Benner’s Model of Skill Acquisition in Nursing and Nola Pender’s Health-Promotion Model

Benner’s Model of Skill Acquisition in Nursing

Benner is a theorist who plays an instrumental role in the publishing of different books on nursing theories and their application in nursing. The model proposed by the theorist is on skill acquisition in nursing and is as well-referred to as the Novice to Expert Concept. The theory provides an analysis of the process of obtaining knowledge as a nurse from the time that one is in the novice stages to the time that one becomes an expert. There are five levels of nursing experience proposed including novice, advanced beginners, competency, proficient, and expert (Murray, Sundin, & Cope, 2019). 

Framework Analysis

The concept of caring in nursing practice is one of the concepts that is taken into consideration in Benner’s Novice to Expert theory. The other components that are defined in the theory including that of caring, nursing, person, and health. The theorist present that caring is the case of having a connection to enhance the cases of feelings actions, and the fuse of the way that one is thinking.

The theorist points out that nursing is the relationship that is found between the process of caring and the connection with the condition that one is facing and is the progressive change in the way that one provides care. The person on the other hand is based on the wholeness of an individual. Benner ascertains that a person is a self-interpreting being and hence is defined in the course of living and that the needs vary from one person to the other. …

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