• Document includes reflections from all weeks 1-8: To complete the assignment, students will need to copy the reflections they entered into the weekly reflection threads from weeks 1-8 into one double-spaced Word document and submit the document to the dropbox.
  • Formatting: Document should be in APA format
    1. Includes a title page in APA format
    2. Document is double spaced
    3. Each week’s reflection is labeled with a level 1 heading listing the week number
    4. Only include a reference page if references were cited in the body of the reflections. If a reference page is included, it is in APA format.


Week 1 Reflection

This week we started the class by introducing ourselves. This is our second class in our master journey and I have already seen how important research and evidence based education is for the success of nurse practitioners. This week discussion was about the importance of nursing theory for nurse practitioners. Understanding the research area and integrating it to the practice can be very beneficial for the success of patients and the community…..Kindly click the purchase icon to purchase the full solution at $10

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