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(Solution) MATH225 Week 8 Assignment Correlation and Causation

Question Which of the following situations could produce data sets or plots that could have a regression line with a negative y-intercept? Select all that apply The net profit of a […]

(Solution) MATH225 Week 8 Assignment Coefficient of Determination

Question A scientific study on construction delays gives the following data table. Construction delay (hours) Increased cost ($1000) 51 104 55 103 58 89 61 56 63 52 Using technology, […]

(Solution) MATH225 Week 7 Assignment Hypothesis Test for the Mean – Population Standard Deviation Known

Question Suppose a chef claims that her meatball weight is not equal to 4 ounces, on average. Several of her customers do not believe her, so the chef decides to do a […]

(Solution) MATH225 Week 7 Assignment Conducting a Hypothesis Test for Mean – Population Standard Deviation Known P Value Approach

Question Shawn, a competitor in cup stacking, has a sample stacking time mean of 9.2 seconds from 13 trials. Shawn still claims that her average stacking time is 8.5 seconds, and the high average can be […]

(Solution) MATH225 Week 7 Assignment Conduct a Hypothesis Test for Proportion – P-Value Approach

Question A researcher claims that the proportion of smokers in a certain city is less than 20%. To test this claim, a random sample of 700 people is taken in the city and 150 people […]

(Solution) MATH225 Week 7 Assignment Construct Hypothesis Test for Proportions – Excel

Question Steve listens to his favorite streaming music service when he works out. He wonders whether the service’s algorithm does a good job of finding random songs that he will […]

(Solution) MATH225 Week 7 Assignment – Developing Hypothesis and Understanding Possible Conclusions for Proportions

Question Colin is a student in a statistics course looking to show whether the proportion of games played that are won by the visiting team in a certain professional lacrosse […]

(Solution) MATH225 WEEK 6 QUIZ

QUESTION 1 A statistics professor recently graded final exams for students in her introductory statistics course. In a review of her grading, she found the mean score out of 100 points was a x¯=77, […]

(Solution) MATH225 Week 6 Assignment Understanding Confidence Intervals – Excel

Question In a city, 22 coffee shops are randomly selected, and the temperature of the coffee sold at each shop is noted. Use Excel to find the 90% confidence interval for the population mean […]

(Solution) MATH225 Week 6 Assignment Confidence Interval for Mean – Population Standard Deviation Known

Question Suppose the scores of a standardized test are normally distributed. If the population standard deviation is 4 points, what minimum sample size is needed to be 95% confident that the sample mean is […]