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Module 8: Sustaining Successful Programs

In light of economic fluctuations, discuss strategies for sustaining successful public health programs despite funding reductions.


Public health programs’ main goal is to safeguard and promote the health of people and communities for purposes of social wellbeing (Issel, Wells and Williams, 2021). However, how long public health programs run to provide the benefits for which they are established or achieve the said objectives determines how effective and successful they are. These aspects imply that public health programs need to be sustainable to be effective and successful in promoting public health. To maintain the public health benefits provided by the programs, there is need to increase capacity building of public health institutions through provision of sufficient sources (McKenzie, Neiger and Thackeray, 2022). It is difficult to sustain these programs without reliable and enough funding to pool both financial, technological and human resources to optimize the benefits that come with these programs. In a number of countries, public health initiatives contend with lower funding due to economic challenges but this does not mean that strategies should not be designed to sustain the funding of public health initiatives…Kindly click on the purchase icon to access the full solution at $5

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