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Think of the logic model as your “road map.” What would happen if you ventured off on a trip without a map? Would you ever get to your final destination? Even if you did, how much time would you have spent in trying to find your way, when mapping your journey would have given you direction from the beginning? In this discussion, please describe how using a logic model benefits program planners and evaluators.


Logical models are beneficial to program planners for several reasons. To begin with, such models help to advance success. This ties to the fact that the models provide the planner with a visual framework pertaining to what needs to done, as well as how and why it needs to be achieved. With the representation in place therefore, the planner can be more intentional concerning implementation of a successful plan. Logical models are in addition, portrayed to help in saving time and financial resources (Ball et al., 2017). They offer a guide for current and future planning, thereby presenting the planner with opportunity to establish whether given plans align with an organization’s objectives. This is crucial since it permits the organization to put down strategies that can guide on how to best utilize resources….Please click on the purchase icon to access the full solution at $5

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