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Discuss the dynamic relationship between program planners and the community they serve. What is the value of engaging community members in the community health assessment process and how can they be engaged?


According to Clienti et al. (2019), program planners serve as a critical component of community health assessment seeing as they provide core input towards developing health intervention strategies for particular health issues affecting a community.  It is vital that program planners engage the communities they serve even as they develop such intervention strategies.  This therefore makes it crucial for such planners to decipher the underlying relationships, principles, and values of engagement (Mills, Lawton and Sheard, 2019). The principles may consist of aspects such as accountability, integrity, accessibility, and inclusivity and diversity. The values of engagement may on the hand comprise trustworthiness, honesty, openness and authenticity(Ibid.).

The principles of engagement enable the building of a dynamic relationship between program planners and the communities they serve. Further, personal attributes and attitudes are revealed in the quality of relationships that are built between program planners and the communities….Please click on the purchase icon to access the full solution at $5

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