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Explain what is wrong with the following objectives and revise them so that each reflect objectives that are SMART.

Decrease death due to automobile accidents caused by texting.

Encourage physical activity among women who are pregnant.


Decrease death due to automobile accidents caused by texting

The SMART framework offers a structure within which clear and attainable goals can be set (Katapally, 2019). The elements of the framework demand that a goal should be specific, measurable to allow for tracking of progress, attainable(realistic), relevant to ensure alignment with overall goals, and time bound to ensure focus on realization of the goal within defined timeframe (Katapally, 2019).

That given, although the objective identified above specifies what is expected to be achieved, it has several shortcomings. First, the objective lacks specificity because it does not provide details such as total number of deaths or the timeframe for realizing the decrease in deaths. Secondly, the objective lacks a measurable metric that can be used to track progress of the objective. Without a measurable metric, it is hard to establish whether the objective is being achieved. Thirdly, the objective lacks achievability since it fails to mention a realistic timeframe or target for realizing decrease in deaths. It gives no indication of the percentage of decrease expected, or the timeframe within which the decrease is expected…kindly click on the purchase icon to access the full solution at $5

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