As an MSN prepared nurse, you will be looked at by the team to develop policies based on evidence. Master’s-prepared nurses are expected to lead and role model the implementation of evidence-based practices that promote positive change.  Please discuss and address the following questions:

  • What value do you see in evidence based practice?
  • How might it improve care and patient outcomes?


There are many barriers to the implementation of evidence-based practices in the practice setting. The major one I notice as a floor nurse is the lack of ‘Evidence-Based Research Culture’. On my unit, we do not have a human source of information; specifically, for rehabilitation research evidence. We do change our current practice when new EBP has changed a protocol or practice. Specific committees for the hospital do the research and then disseminate the information to the units (fall committees, wound care nurses, etc.). However, unless you are in a committee, you do not really get the opportunity to engage in the process of EBP research.  The second barrier that I notice is….Kindly click the purchase icon to purchase the full solution at $5

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