Many of you have experience in complex adaptive systems whether you realize it or not. Thinking about your future practice specialty area, identify an issue or concern common to your future practice setting. In your initial response, please identify your specialty track, as well as the issue or concern. Discuss how this issue or concern impacts the system at the micro, meso, and macro levels. How will you address this issue or concern at the microsystem level? What is the expected impact of your solution on the meso- and macrosystems? Remember you can use an information technology-based solution to address the issue or concern.


The specialty track I have chosen is Education. As I have mentioned before, I am currently working as a Student Learning Specialist in the BSN program. As an SLS, I work closely with the students and help them through varied situations that  may arise during the program. During this past year, we have had to make many changes and adapt to situations we had not prepared for.  In particular, Covid has changed the way we do everything, from online classes, to virtual clinicals and even students having to practice their skills on teddy bears and cardboard boxes while learning from home. A common issue or concern in nursing education is getting the students to be engaged. Now imagine this issue during the past year. It has been harder than ever to keep nursing students motivated and engaged while they are learning from home. If students are not actively participating or doing well in their classes, it directly impacts my job at the university. As an SLS, I do not teach. Rather, I tutor and offer other support services to the students when they are struggling….Kindly click the purchase icon to purchase the full solution at $5