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Take a moment to reflect on your learning in this course.  What concepts stood out to you and made an impact?  How do you envision using the concepts learned in this course in your future nursing practice as a Masters prepared nurse?


Truthfully, I found every concept that was covered in NR500 to have made an impact with me.  I am proud to be in a master’s program and very excited to be in a formal learning environment and feel like a sponge soaking everything in.  As a nurse on the MSN Nurse Educator track, one concept that resonated with me is the concept of caring. It was very meaningful to me. I have always used caring in my practice but never fully realized that it was an intentional way of nursing and not just a personality trait. Writing the concept of caring paper and making the artistic expression allowed me to reflect on how I care for my patients and how I have taught and cared for students in the past. And how I have modelled caring to them. I think this concept of caring will be even more important when life returns to a new normal post-pandemic. Students, patients, and families will need to be cared for with compassion and kindness in an intentional way. Our caring methods may need to adjust to what has happened….Kindly click the purchase icon to purchase the full solution at $5

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