This week’s topic focused on caring and reflective practice in contemporary nursing. In your initial response, provide a definition of what person-centred care means to you. Describe how you will apply principles holistic nursing, cultural humility, and self-reflection in your future role as a nurse practitioner.


Person-centered care to me denotes prioritizing and maintaining the focus on the patient. The patient is and should always be at the center of any healthcare planning or decision making. Advancing team effort, along with patient interaction and implementation encourages patient centered care. A question we as healthcare providers should ask ourselves is: what is the best outcome for our patients? Incorporated a patient in their care, whether that includes discussing test results or treatments with them, or lifestyle changes will ultimately affect their health care outcomes (Oldham, 2016). Caring is at the center of nurses career no matter what specialty or path a nurse decides to follow (Dewitty, 2018)….Kindly click the purchase icon to purchase the full solution at $5

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