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Select a nursing concept, supported by a nursing theory, and address the following components included in a concept analysis:

  • Definition of concept
  • Identification of three attributes of the concept
  • Description of one antecedent and one consequence of the concept
  • Identification of two empirical referents
  • Brief explanation of theoretical applications of the concept (How is the concept relevant to a nursing theory?)

This information does not have to be comprehensive but provides a foundation to the upcoming assignment. Be sure to include scholarly references.


According to Saunders, “Concepts are described as abstraction, mental formulations, mental images, and words that represent mental images” (Knafl KAQ, Deatrick JA 2000) I have found further research describing concepts as words that are used to describe basic components of theories (Potter A Patricia, Perry G Anne 2002). One of my favorite nursing concepts is the Patient Needs Concept on health as addressed by Virginia Henderson. Henderson had a concept that each individual is made up of 14 basic needs that overlap between sociological, spiritual, biological and psychological components and major attributes. Some of the needs from the biological attribute of her concept include eating and….Kindly click the purchase icon to purchase the full solution at $5

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