Reflect upon a leader who impacted your practice:

  • How was this person an effective leader?
  • What leadership knowledge, skills, and attitudes (KSA’s) did the person possess within the Chamberlain College of Nursing Conceptual Framework?
  • How did they impact others?

Discuss the significance of leadership competencies and personal leadership style related to your future MSN role and specialty track and how this may attribute to your growth as a leader.


I have been a nurse since the 90’s and have had a few different leaders.  Most of my leaders left little impression on me.  Many of my managers adopted a laissez-faire style of leadership.  They were not very involved in the day-to-day activities and had little control over the units’ dynamics.  On some of the units, the laissez-faire style leadership worked.  Strong nurses on the unit took informal leadership roles.  One nurse took on responsibility for the schedule.  Other nurses were involved in unit-based committees and acted as mentors to our newer staff.  The relaxed leadership allowed for increased autonomy.  I am most impressed by my current manager.  She is a transformational leader.  She has gotten to know each of our staff members as people.  She is supportive of our goals and encourages communication and involvement.  Our staff feel connected and supported.  The role of a nurse manager is very important in creating a culture of care, inter-professional coordination, relationship building, and….Kindly click the purchase icon to purchase the full solution at $5

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