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Consider the case scenario you described in week six and assume the change process is proceeding in an effective manner. Address the following:

  • Provide a concise introduction for your posting.
  • Identify the key stakeholders who are impacted by the change at each of the micro-, meso-, and macro-levels, and discuss how you will engage those stakeholders in the change process.
  • Describe one supportive factor within the system which will facilitate your recommended change and an example of one barrier that may occur which would impede your recommended change.
  • Provide at least one leadership strategy to address or resolve the barrier; include your rationale.
  • Recommend one leadership strategy to sustain the change within the context of a complex system and explain your rationale.
  • Conclude with a succinct synopsis of key points and concise self-reflection of how this topic contributes to your growth as a future leader in the chosen specialty track.


In week six I discussed the change to the discharge documentation that was being rolled out and so far, it has been a successful implementation.  The key stakeholders are the nurse supervisors that will support the staff and ensure they are completing the documentation correctly.  The informal leaders within the nursing department are also stakeholders as they can encourage the newer staff members in learning this process.  The physicians, therapists and pharmacists are also key stakeholders as they all participate in the formation of this final discharge document.  It has to be done in stages and the nurse is the final person in the process that is the gatekeeper to the patient discharging.  Each individual department is responsible for their part however the nurse is the final check and puts in their documentation and education last since it is dependent on the physician’s final orders….Kindly click the purchase icon to purchase the full solution at $5

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