Reflect upon the impact of evidence-based practice on health outcomes, the nursing profession, and healthcare delivery. Identify a nurse leader to interview in order to gain first-hand insights regarding the application of evidence-based practice in a healthcare setting.

Once you have identified the nurse leader, conduct an informal interview with the leader to learn more about their experience in evidence-based practice and the impact of the EBP endeavors.

Share the insights gained from your interview, and include the following:

  1. Describe the role of the nurse leader you interviewed.
  2. Provide one example of a recent evidence-based practice initiative shared by the nurse leader.
  3. What was the impact on patient-centered care and nursing practice or organizational outcomes?
  4. What did you find most inspiring from the interview, and why?


The nurse leader that I interviewed was Prof. Murdock who is the course leader for the fundamental courses at a local nursing university. As the course leader, she is to ensure learning outcomes are implement in the classroom and clinical setting for this group of students. This is imperative in meeting the standards for accreditation and preparation for success on the nursing licensure exam.

Prof. Murdock stated that the students in the program seemed to struggle with sterile technique which is a skill that is needed for several nursing interventions. The impact of corona virus and virtual learning for over a year further impeded students learning this skill. The professor discussed how students had to utilize what they had around their homes in the beginning of the pandemic to demonstrate skills. For example, one student filled a pair of panty hose with towels and used pillows to simulate a patient for a foley catheter insertion demonstration. Students recorded themselves completing the demonstrations. Instructors had to hope that students maintained academic integrity during performance. Students did complete the assignment, but upon returning to in-person learning, the professor reported that they….Kindly click the purchase icon to access the full solution at $5

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