With new information continually emerging, professional nurses must be equipped to critique scholarly literature and discern its value for practice. Select one current, quantitative scholarly nursing article related to your PICOT question and determine its strengths, limitations, and potential application.

Complete the Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence Based Practice Appendix E Evidence Appraisal ToolDownload Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence Based Practice Appendix E Evidence Appraisal Tool. Once you’ve completed the tool, use your own words to summarize your appraisal of the article. Include the following:

  • Description of the purpose
  • Explanation of research design
  • Discussion of sample
  • Description of data collection methods
  • Summary of findings
  • Strengths of the study (minimum of 1)
  • Limitations of the study (minimum of 1)
  • Recommendations regarding potential application for future practice that are insightful and appropriate.

Attach the article to your post, in addition to including the full reference for the article in your post.

During the week, read a minimum of two articles posted by peers and add your thoughts about whether you feel their article would support an EBP change.


This article, “Differences in test ordering between nurse practitioners and attending emergency physicians when acting as Provider in Triage,” was written to determine the value of utilizing NPs in the PIT role (Provider In Triage) as a means of limiting waiting times (Begaz et al., 2017). The authors note that emergency department waiting times have grown quite lengthy, and the use of NPs in the PIT role has been studied before but with mixed results, with several studies showing that NPs tend to order both more tests and specialist consults than do physicians (Begaz et al., 2017). Other studies, however, have demonstrated no significant difference between the two providers (Begaz et al., 2017). This randomized controlled trial was conducted in a Los Angeles County emergency department with the purpose of evaluating and comparing the test ordering practices of NPs and physicians when acting in the PIT role (Begaz et al., 2017)….Kindly click the purchase icon to purchase the full solution at $5

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