The purpose of this assignment is to discuss healthcare policy of the APN profession and how Transformational Leadership can help to influence policy changes. This week’s assignment focuses on the APN as a Health Policy Leader, one of the nine NONPF NP competencies.  Students will analyze how health policy may affect NP practice and how Transformational Leadership can help to influence policy changes.  


Criteria for Content 

  • Explanation of how healthcare policy can impact the advanced practice nurse profession 
  • Explanation of why advocacy is considered an essential component of the advance practice nurse’s role
  • Discuss the four pillars of Transformational leadership and the effect it may have on influencing policy change
  • A scholarly resource must be used for EACH discussion question each week.


How can healthcare policy impact the advanced nurse profession?

          Healthcare policy is an integral part of how the healthcare profession and institutions function. It dramatically impacts healthcare. Healthcare policy serves as a framework or guide of nurse professionals’ expectations and the appropriate standard of care. An advanced practice nurse has an essential role in formulating healthcare policy and practice provisions to promote high-quality care. Nurse influence and healthcare policymaking will shape today’s care and the future (Burke, 2016). One example of Florida’s healthcare policy change is house bill 607, the independent or autonomous practice for nurse practitioners. The healthcare policy change from restrictive to full or independent practice will help Floridians have readily accessible care….Kindly click the purchase icon to purchase the full solution at $5