Discuss one example where simulation technology could be beneficial for nursing or for patient care. Explain your rationale. In addition, discuss two strategies you could implement to ensure the confidentiality and protection of patient health information at your facility.


Clinical simulation is the process that helps to enwrap learners in scenarios that imitate clinical situations without the associated safety risk while helping to standardize healthcare professionals’ education. By exposing clinical learners to high-risk scenarios, there is a demand for the application of clinical reasoning, thinking and eventual clinical decision making, thereby helping learners to acquire unique clinical skill (Macauley et al., 2017). Simulation technology and/or informatics has become a beneficial part of nursing. As a nursing leader, it is important to both patient care and nursing to have continued education and learning for staff. One way I would implement simulation technology to enhance patient care and provide continued learning for staff would be to have simulation education for the staff. This allows staff to….Kindly click the purchase icon to purchase the full solution at $5

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