Reflection Information

This is the final week of discussion and there are two important areas of reflection included in this discussion. Please label each area with a heading to facilitate classmate and instructor response.


  • Post your executive summary.
  • Compare your pre-and post-self-assessments.


  • Discuss the strengths and weaknesses to the business plan for your final proposal. 
  • Identify areas of strength and weakness related to financial and budgeting principles discovered through your pre- and post- self-assessments comparison.


  • What adjustments are needed for you to create the most compelling plan?
  • What concepts from the course do you need to study further?
  • What is your plan for enhancing your knowledge of finance and budgets in the healthcare organization?



Executive Summary

            Our national organization has implemented virtual discharge nurse specialists (VRN) and requests that we participate. Our staff has felt the strains of the staffing crisis as is evident in both our coworker satisfaction scores and our patient experience scores. Our facility is often on delay in the emergency department (ED) and the operating room (OR). There is room for improvement in throughput that can negate many of these issues. Our increase in surgical volume has affected our already busy medical-surgical units and our patients and staff feel this. Piloting VRNs offers a solution to remedy this collaborative issue.             This proposal stands to improve our organization with notable outcomes. Considering the successful implementation of VRNs at Mercyone, we can expect to see improved discharge times, patient satisfaction scores, coworker satisfaction scores, throughput, and patient engagement in aftercare (Davis, 2021). Long-term benefits include decreases in readmission rates, emergency room utilization, and surgical site infections (SSIs) while associating the hospital brand with high-quality care….Kindly click the purchase icon to  purchase the full solution at $5