Part 1: Individual

  • Describe the organizational structure and the lines of authority within the healthcare system where you work. Identify the relationship between the type of power observed and the authority line.

Part 2: With Your Group

  • Share an example of a power differential gap or unclear authority lines you have observed or have been involved in. What accountability issues arose from the gap? How was group communication and/or collaboration affected by this gap? What strategies would you propose leaders could use to navigate power-differential gaps and blurred lines of authority?


My current hospital system consists of five local hospitals that are less than fifty miles away from each other, and all utilize the line structure. Each hospital may provide different services based on their location; but each practices under the same hierarchical structure. The same goes when discussing the lines of authority with the president of each hospital being the highest line of authority followed by the chief nursing officer. The chief nursing officer works side by side with the chief financial officer, however, the CNO makes the final decisions when it comes to the clinical aspect in healthcare. I work at the largest hospital of the five in the system with a bed capacity of eight hundred patients….Kindly click the purchase icon to purchase the full solution at $5