You are the CNO of your current healthcare organization and have been told that the current organizational structure of the nursing department is “top heavy,” resulting in financial loss for the institution in the last fiscal year. You’ve been instructed to restructure the department to flatten the line to reduce expenses. You must decide how you will do it and how you will implement the change.

Describe the decision-making framework or model you will choose and the rationale for choosing it.

Of the three change models—PDSA, Kotter, or Rogers—which would you choose to use and why? What makes the other two less useful? What influence did your leadership profile have on your choices?


Financial management is among the complex processes that are essential to any institution. To have a financially stable institution, all staff should be ready to adapt and implement the changes to their departments. However, how the staff will impact the individuals involved depends on how change is well delivered. As the acting CNO of my healthcare organization, I have been instructed to restructure the nursing department to reduce expenses resulting in the financial loss of the institution. Therefore, the process I prefer to use in restructuring the department is the Plan-Do-Study-Act Model (PDSA)…..Kindly click the purchase icon to purchase the full solution at $5

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