Reflection on Health Systems, Population Health, and Coalition Building


Conduct a mini-community health assessment of the area served by the healthcare system for which you work. Describe the services and programs related to the social determinants of health (SDOH) provided by your institution. Identify which ones are being addressed through other agencies.


Reflect on the areas of population health within your community that are not being fully addressed by available services. Which SDOH are not being fully addressed by available services through your organization or other community agencies.


What are the implications for your healthcare system for developing services or programs that might address some of the gaps? What role would you have in developing coalitions or partnerships within your community to achieve these goals?


The location of the hospital I work in is located directly off the highway, on the outskirts of an upper-income area of one city and a mid to lower-income city. There are multiple small communities of mobile home parks, and we have many seasonal residents that come from Canada and the northern states for half the year and stay in this area. We service a mix of elderly and younger people, many of whom may have insurance, yet still do not take care of their personal health needs. The American Indian population has health care on the reservations, but due to lack of transportation, many do not receive proper or routine health care. Combined with a high rate of alcoholism, lack of motivation, and uncontrolled diabetes leading to renal failure; many end up on dialysis and have leg amputations in their 40s….Kindly click the purchase icon to purchase the full solution at $5