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Describe one patient care scenario where a safety or quality issue is apparent. This can be something you have experienced in your current practice or one you develop for this discussion. Explain the details surrounding the scenario and the impact of the problem.

Select either the DMAIC or PDSA model, and describe how the model could be applied to address the specific issue in your case scenario. Explain how this process would improve patient-related and organizational outcomes.


The case scenario is of a patient who is 72 years old. The patient got admitted to the hospital due to a fall that they had while at home. However, this is not the first time the patient had gotten admitted because of falls. The last time she was in a hospital, she had some hip fractures, which took a long time to heal. Apart from the falls she has, the patient also has diabetes and hypertension, which are chronic diseases common among older populations. There is, therefore, a need to assess the patient and determine the best intervention that will improve chronic disease management and reduce falls.            

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