Please watch the following video, Transparency, Compassion, and Truth in Medical Errors: Leilani Schweitzer at TEDxUniversityofNevada, (Links to an external site.) and address the following prompt:

As you look back over your career as a nurse or even as a nursing student, can you think of a time when you were either involved in or aware of an adverse medical error with a patient that compromised patient safety? What did you learn from this experience? What did the organization learn from this experience?


Errors can draw significant  impact on the patients, and they may  indicate a variety of issues in the system, including the presence of adverse working circumstances for nurses, and an organizational culture that is not focused on safety. I have never been involved in a situation with an adverse medical error, but my nursing career is still quite young, I am hoping that I will never be involved, but I was made aware of a situation recently, where patient safety was compromised. I am involved in a Nurse Residency Program conducted by….Kindly click the purchase icon to purchase the full solution at $5

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