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Reflect upon the nursing practice issue of interest that you identified in earlier discussion assignments. In addition, consider the intervention that you proposed to improve the issue.

With both the issue and the intervention in mind, respond to the following:

  1. What type of evidence produced through quantitative research would be helpful to better understand the selected practice issue?
  2. How might quantitative research findings shape your efforts to improve the issue?
  3. Describe an example (real or hypothetical) of a quantitative research design that would provide valuable evidence regarding this issue


The nursing practice issue of interest discussed last week was patients spending more hours in observation status than necessary due to being scattered throughout various inpatient floors within the hospital.  Observation patients who are treated on inpatient floors are often treated the same as inpatients and are not discharged as timely as they could be and sometimes stay past their paid or approved observation hours.  Research studies show patients in observation status who are placed on a Clinical Decision Unit (CDU) or an Emergency Department Observation Unit EDOU) spend significantly less time in observation status prior to the decision to discharge or admit to inpatient status.

Evidence produced through quantitative research which would be helpful to better understand the selected practice issue includes the number of observation patients the organization sees annually, the average number of hours for each of those observation stays, the cost to the hospital per hour for patients in observation status, the average reimbursement per hour for patients placed in observation status, and the average number….Kindly click the purchase icon to access the full solution at $5

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