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Select one of the following health issues

  • Safe sleep practices
  • Oral health
  • Immunization

Discuss how child and family health clinicians can promote the selected health issue using a strengths-based approach to working with parents/caregivers.

Include in your discussion how you might incorporate the primary health care principle of ‘equity’ into your approach

Assessment criteria

Criterion 1: Discuss the importance of strength-based partnership approach to working to working with parents/ caregivers

Criterion 2: Comprehensively analyze how to apply a strength-based, partnership approach to promote health issues in the child and family health clinical setting

Criterion 3: Discuss the primary healthcare principle of equity and its application to promotion of health issues in child and family health practice

Criterion 4: Engage with course material (for example, study notes learning resources in MyLO, and recommended readings) as well as your own research of appropriate academic literature


Strengths-Based Partnership Approach in Immunization


Strengths-based and partnership approaches are necessary strategies for health care providers to use to promote immunization among families. Still, successful implementation of these strategies requires an understanding of how they elicit parental support and engagement. From depictions by Fogarty et al. (2018), strengths-based partnership approaches acknowledge that parents and caregivers have various skills, resources, and strengths that may be useful to the positive promotion of healthcare. While the strengths-based approach focuses on the positive contributions of parents and caregivers to a child’s health and development, the partnership approach recognizes the critical role that public health and clinical care providers can play in supporting parents as primary immunization motivators (Fortune, 2018).  This paper discusses how child and family health clinicians can promote immunization basing on a strengths-based partnership approach. It is portrayed that for immunization implementation to be effective, it ought to be considered not in isolation, but with reference to the wider socio-economic issues impacting a patient, as well as patient perspectives, resources, and input. The discussion therefore commences by briefly discussing key concepts relating to the topic, before delving into how family health clinicians can increase parental and caregiver confidence in immunization and encourage immunization uptake through a strengths-based partnership approach.

2.Overview on key concepts

2.1 Strengths-based and Partnership Approaches

According to Goldfield, Price, and Kemp (2018), a strengths-based and partnership approach involves a collaborative effort among health care providers, community members, and parents to provide the best quality of care for a child and family. The concept is portrayed further by Askew et al. (2020) as an approach that focuses on the whole person, by underlining what the person does best, as well as the resources at disposal that may help such a person to effectively cater to their health and health related challenges…Kindly click on the purchase icon to access the full solution at $10

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