The number of miles a motorcycle, X, will travel on one gallon of gasoline is modeled by a normal distribution with mean 44 and standard deviation 5. If Mike starts a journey with one gallon of gasoline in the motorcycle, find the probability that, without refueling, he can travel more than 50 miles. 

  • Round your answer to four decimal places.

Ans. 0.1151


The weights of bags of raisins are normally distributed with a mean of 175 grams and a standard deviation of 11 grams. Bags in the upper 4.5% are too heavy and must be repackaged. Also, bags in the lower 5% do not meet the minimum weight requirement and must be repackaged. What are the ranges of weights for raisin bags that need to be repackaged?

  • Use Excel, and round your answers to the nearest integer.


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