Question 1

The Frame Problem is:

  1. the problem of how to intelligently ignore irrelevant information
  2. the problem of when to switch paradigms
  3. the problem of too much ideology
  4. the problem of excessive hoax papers

Question 2

Wallace came up with:

  1. the theory of evolution by natural selection
  2. eugenics
  3. the idea that DNA is heritable
  4. a critique of pangenesis

Question 3

Are ideologies conscious, or unconscious?  

  1. People disagree about this  
  2. Conscious
  3. Unconscious
  4. Neither conscious nor unconscious

Question 4

Lewontin defines biological determinism in terms of:

  1. innateness of differences between people
  2. inheritance of innate differences
  3. the naturalness of social hierarchy  
  4. all of the above

Question 5

If something is heritable, that means:

  1. there is a correlation between parents having it and offspring having it
  2. it is coded for by DNA
  3. it cannot be changed by the environment
  4. it was passed down by gemmules

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