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Question 1

Stratospheric aerosol injection is a form of:

  1. solar radiation management
  2. carbon dioxide removall
  3. ocean fertilization
  4. space based geoengineering

Question 2

The Presumptive Argument says:

  1. wild nature has intrinsic moral worth, so geoengineering is wrong
  2. geoengineering is unlikely to be successful, so we should not try it
  3. geoengineering is the lesser of two evils  
  4. geoengineering is likely to lead to ecofascism

Question 3

In ‘Rethinking the Unthinkable’, Christopher Preston’s central thesis is:

  1. while the intuition behind the presumptive argument is good, its conclusion is defeasible
  2. geoengineering cannot be ethically supported
  3. stratospheric aerosol injection is likely to be humanity’s best hope
  4. the natural/unnatural distinction is untenable

Question 4

Preston uses the example of Ecofascism to show:

  1. that people do not always regard human interests as more important than the environment
  2. that geoengineering can lead to fascism
  3. that the presumtive argument has a flawed premise
  4. that democracy stands in the way of human survival

Question 5

David Keith’s concern about geoengineering is that:

  1. it would mean the end of wild nature
  2. that it would entail the rise of ecofascism
  3. that the results would be highly unpredictable
  4. that it would discourage mitigation strategies


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