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  1. Document includes reflections from all weeks 1-8: To complete the assignment, students will need to copy the reflections they entered into the weekly reflection threads from weeks 1-8 into one double-spaced Word document and submit the document to the dropbox.  
  2. Formatting: Document should be in APA format 
  3. Includes a title page in APA format 
  4. Document is double spaced 
  5. Each week’s reflection is labeled with a level 1 heading listing the week number  
  6. Only include a reference page if references were cited in the body of the reflections. If a reference page is included, it is in APA format. 


Week 1: This week we introduce ourselves to the class. I was very inspired to learn from my peers. This week we explored the value of a master’s education in nursing. The most important concept learned this week was the different benefits and challenges of transitioning from to be a nurse practitioner. Being a Nurse Practitioner requires time and energy, nevertheless, it is a very rewarding career for nurses that are passionate about their job. This is the first class to start my journey as a nurse practitioner….Kindly click the purchase icon to purchase the full solution at $5

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