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This assignment focuses on the student’s personal perspective of nursing and nursing theory within the profession.

This Word document should include your personal philosophy of nursing. If you have not developed a philosophy of nursing, then consider these questions to help you.

  1. What is nursing to me?
  2. Why is nursing important to me?
  3. What nursing theory do I feel best guides my nursing practice?
  4. What are the qualities, skills, and values of a nurse?
  5. How do I intend to personally impact society through my nursing career?


Meaning of Nursing

In my perspective, nursing is a profession whereby healthcare professionals such as nurses provide healthcare for sick individuals. Likewise, nursing is a profession whereby the caregiver or nurse tries to provide care to the patient based on evidence based practices in the most empathetic way to ensure the patient recovers mentally, socially and physically. Healthcare provisions are fulfilled through working with doctors, clinical nursing officers, consultants, and nurses. Nursing’s main goal is to manage each patient’s care holistically and scientifically.  Furthermore, nursing gives me an opportunity to show compassion, love, and care to my patients and their families. Nursing gives us a chance to save lives and restore happiness into….Kindly click the purchase icon to purchase the full solution at $10

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