This assignment focuses on the importance of nursing theory within the profession. Selecting one nursing theorist and the nursing theory they developed(non-nursing theories are not allowed), the student will present a brief summary of the selected nursing theory, identify the concepts of the nursing paradigm as addressed in the selected nursing theory, as well as discuss the importance of the selected nursing theory to the nursing profession. The student will include 1-2 scholarly peer-reviewed sources to support the nursing theory chosen. The student will also provide an example of how the selected nursing theory can be applied to ONE of the following MSN specialty track areas:

  • Education
  • Leadership/Executive
  • Nursing Informatics
  • Healthcare Policy
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Population Health

Questions to answer: (Use the Importance of Theory Worksheet TemplateLinks to an external site. to answer the following questions. You do not need a title page)

  1. The nursing theorist I chose is:
  2. Why did I choose my selected nursing theory?
  3. Brief summary of the nursing theory I chose including key concepts (include scholarly support in APA format)
  4. How does the selected nursing theory address or identify the concepts of the nursing metaparadigm?
  5. How is this nursing theory useful to the nursing profession?
  6. How would I apply this nursing theory to my chosen MSN specialty (educator, leadership/executive, nursing informatics, healthcare policy, nurse practitioner, population health, etc.)
  7. Self-Reflection: What did I learn from completing this assignment?


The nursing theory I chose is: MadeleineLeininger’s Culture Care Theory

     This theory provides me with an understanding of different cultures and how an individual’s beliefs, practices, values and background can influence their nursing care.  The transcultural nursing theory uses the knowledge of the patient’s cultural background to create a plan of care specific for that individual to optimize their care while being sensitive to their cultural background. The goal is to improve our knowledge as nurses, provide gentle and effective care using the concepts and practices of the transcultural nosing models.  Education, clinical application and research has been applied to meet the needs of the individuals….Kindly click the purchase icon to purchase the full solution at $10