Find and review ten (10) scholarly, peer-reviewed research articles, systematic reviews, or CPGs in support of the practice change intervention. Complete the Research Summary WorksheetDownload Research Summary Worksheet table for each article.

  1. State the PICOT question
  2. For each article, supply the following:
    1. The complete reference for the article in current APA format
    2. Description of the purpose of the study/review/practice guideline
    3. Description of the evidence type
      1. Research article/systematic review/CPG
      2. If a source is a research article
        1. Is the study quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods?
        2. Is the study experimental, quasi-experimental, or descriptive?
    4. Description of the sample, sample size, and setting (not used for CPG)
    5. Discussion of the data collection methods used (not used for CPG)
    6. Discussion of the study findings or CPG content
    7. Assessment of the limitations of the study (not used for CPG)
    8. Discussion of the relevance the study to the PICOT question and advanced practice nursing




PICOT Question:

Write out in the PICOT question sentence format.

In _ Adult patients suffering of leukemia_______(Population) what is the effect of __CBD (Phyto cannabinoids)

 _________(Intervention) in comparison to _____Chemotherapeutic cytarabine (Ara-C) ______ (Comparison) on ___anticancer response__________ (Outcome) to be completed over ____6 months______ (Time).

Article 1

Full reference for article (APA Format)Seltzer, E. S., Watters, A. K., MacKenzie, D., Jr, Granat, L. M., & Zhang, D. (2020). Cannabidiol (CBD) as a Promising Anti-Cancer Drug. Cancers12(11), 3203.  
PurposeThis article shows the need of more research for the use of CBD and other cannabinoids, chemotherapies, and radiation therapy for cancer treatments. It does show an extensive literature on the urgent need for clinical trials to use CBD as an efficacious anti-cancer agent.  
Evidence TypeQualitative
Sample, Sample Size, and SettingThe study was done on other researches.
Data CollectionThe article has an extensive and credible literature for over the years investigating CBD and TCH….Kindly click the purchase icon to purchase the full solution at $10
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