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Submit your First line treatment plan based on one dx from your differential list to the Case Study Submission area by 11:59pm MT Thursday night. 

Respond to at least one Student’s CC write up and all faculty questions posed directly to you.


D.A. has been diagnosed with BPH with lower urinary tract symptoms. BPH is an increase in the volume of the prostate; when there is an increase in bladder outlet resistance, it can cause lower urinary tract symptoms. The exam should include a comprehensive history, physical, and medical testing. There is a family history of BPH, which increases D.A.’s risk of having BPH. A Symptoms Index (AUA-SI) evaluates the severity of the lower urinary tract symptoms. The patient scored a 10, which is moderate. Other screenings and testing include IPSS, UA, DRE, and a PSA….Kindly click the purchase icon to purchase the full solution at $5

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