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Earlier in the course, an issue was identified that influences practice. The impact of the issue was explored, and an evidence-based intervention was proposed via development of a PICOT statement. Scholarly literature was reviewed to identify evidence in support of the intervention in order to achieve the outcome described in the PICOT statement.

The purpose of this assignment is to draw upon previous learning in the course to create a proposal for an evidence-based practice intervention. The outline will include the following elements: overview and significance of the practice issue, PICOT statement, description of proposed intervention and expected outcome, synthesis of evidence from scholarly literature to support the proposed intervention, and stakeholder implications.


 Overview and Significance of the Practice Issue     Falls among patients aged 65 years and beyond is the selected clinical issue. According to Cimilli et al. (2017), a majority of patients aged 65 years and above have a tendency to experience falls while in hospital settings. The high prevalence rate is attributed to the fact that most elderly patients seeking treatment in hospitals suffer from medical conditions that hinder their ability to physically function properly. In addition, other factors such as the environmental setup, poor eyesight, and obstructed views influence the rate at which elderly patients experience falls while in hospitals.  There are various significances of this practical problem in the health care sector. For example, King et al. (2016) mention that the nursing problem will help to create awareness of the existing high prevalence of falls among the elderly patients receiving treatments in hospitals as most of these cases are left unreported. Furthermore, it will help the nursing professionals to determine the causal factors driving falls among elderly patients. Lastly, it provides an understanding of various interventions that can be implemented to address the nursing problem and boost the safety of geriatric….Kindly click the purchase icon to access the full solution at $10
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