For this assessment, your ePortfolio will focus on showcasing your growth and accomplishments in the following course competencies

Competency 1: Lead people and processes to improve patient, systems and population outcomes

Competency 2: Transform processes to improve quality, enhance patient safety and reduce the cost of care

Competency 3: Collaborate inter-professionally to improve patient and population outcomes

Competency 4: integrate professional standards and values into practice


For each competency, complete the following in your ePortfolio

Create an area in your ePortfolio for the competency. Select the two artefacts (assessment, video, awards, memberships or any other items) that you feel best showcase your accomplishments or growth in terms of the competency and place it in the corresponding ePortfolio area. Write a 2-3 paragraph explanation detailing how your chosen artefacts demonstrate your accomplishments or growth of the competency. This should help viewers such as employers or interviewees, to understand your strengths and achievements. Place this in the corresponding ePortfolio area with your chosen artefacts.



Competency 1: Lead people and procedures to improve patients and systems outcomes.

Artifacts: 1. Interdisciplinary plan proposal

  1. Plan proposal

My strength in adhering to developed procedures to undertake tasks and achieve outstanding outcomes depend on two artifacts that I selected. These artifacts help me improve both leadership and planning skills. Some of the leadership qualities include confidence,  ability to assign responsibilities and influence. As a nurse, I need to possess such skills since they will contribute in making essential changes within the  nursing practice.

My future leadership positions will require these planning and leadership skills to a greater extent. Most of the activities as a nurse, will also require me to practice these leadership…Kindly click on the purchase icon to purchase the full solution at $10


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