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Question 1

Please explain the value of doing your own work. 

Your Answer:

It is important to undertake your work to obtain this critical practice and feedback to help build your skills. Doing your work is a means of practicing your abilities to do what you learn later. The link between the preparation today and the performance tomorrow is straightforward. You may know the information for yourself by doing your work. You can add quality to your life. The growth of the intellect is in itself a delight and a reward. It might be fascinating to do your job, and it should make you feel happy. It is also vital to conduct your job because it might prepare you for higher education levels. It may open doors to other significant possibilities. It can contribute to sustainable behaviors. Habits prevent us from thinking and acting in particular ways and focusing on studies and social skills. You can uncover your passion by doing your job

Doing your own work and learning this skill supports your future independent practice as a nurse practitioner.  While there may be opportunities beyond faculty’s control to collaborate or share answers with peers, it would not benefit your own personal and professional growth to do so.  By doing your own work, you take personal responsibility for your own learning….Kindly click the purchase icon to purchase the full solution at $10

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