For many students enrolled in NR501, this is an initial course for nursing theory.  So, let’s have a debate.  Is nursing theory important to the nursing profession?  If you believe that it is important, explain why it is useful.  If you do not believe that it is useful, explain why nursing theory is not necessary to the profession?  Be sure to provide an example that demonstrates your opinion and a scholarly reference (not using the required textbook or lesson) which supports your opinion.


Yes, nursing theory is important to our nursing profession because it helps generate further knowledge and provides principles for practice.  It also gives us a better understanding of our roles in any given healthcare setting.  The theory provides the structure of nursing practice and a method for collecting and analyzing data to explore, describe, and predict nursing practice (Parker & Smith, 2015). Furthermore, the theory provides nurses with a systematic means of challenging and supporting intuition. Theories make nursing practice meaningful by identifying the process of practice, as well as linking those processes with outcomes of care…Kindly click the purchase icon to purchase the full solution at $5

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