Preparing the Assignment

Nursing theory does assist us in understanding why we do things. Can you describe how you have used theory in your practice to shape your practice as a nurse and how it will apply to your NP role?


There have been many incidents in my career where I have used theory in my nursing practice. I recently had a patient who was discharged home, from a rehabilitation facility, after a thoracotomy and needed nursing services. I did the initial visit since I had seen her in rehab. However, while in rehabilitation I was not able to see her surgical incision but she stated the nursing staff was taking care of it daily. To my surprise when I assessed the wound it looked infected. It had yellow drainage, it was not well approximated and there was redness around it in different areas of her midline surgical incision. I have done a lot of research in wound care since it is one of my favorite skills, and I felt I had the knowledge to call the doctor with my findings and recommend a wound care product I have used in past experiences. The surgeon asked for pictures despite my explanation of the findings and considered the wound was not infected and to continue to leave it open to the air and monitor every other day. I was not comfortable with that treatment plan, but I was respectful of his decision, however I continued to monitor it daily….Kindly click the purchase icon to purchase the full solution at $5

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