Describe a potential case scenario involving a  MSN-prepared nurse in your selected area of practice. Within the scenario, identify a specific problem which needs to be addressed. Examples might include a new curriculum, change in the EHR, decreasing patient satisfaction rates, safety risks, or another situation which impacts your future MSN role.

Discuss how Kotter’s Change Model would be applied in your recommended change initiative and its intended potential impact.

Identify one specific leadership strategy to facilitate change, and describe how it is congruent with Kotter’s Change Model and may affect your future role.


A potential case scenario involving an MSN prepared nurse is the initiation of a new electronic health record program.  The cardiac rehabilitation department utilizes a monitoring system called Scott Care.  Scott Care is a system that allows patients to be telemetry monitored while they exercise.  The Scott Care system does not communicate with the hospital systems electronic medical record.  Current practice is the rehab. The nurse will fax a copy of the patents report prior to a cardiologist appointment, or when the patient experiences a problem such as arrhythmia or cardiac signs and symptoms.  If the patient does not experience problems, no report would be sent.  The ability to access cardiac rehabilitation reports in the EMR is important.  This will allow providers to have up-to-date information on their patients.  They will be able to quickly access the information to provide the best care.  This helps providers to accurately diagnose and treat.  Accurate information also helps to reduce….Kindly click the purchase icon to purchase the full solution at $10

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