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A difficult situation can result when personal and working relationships are combined. You have been assigned to a new area as the nurse leader, where a good friend of the family has worked for many years. You are made aware of multiple issues of tardiness by your friend over the last few months. Discuss how you would handle the situation.


The first thing I would do is disclose to my one up that I have a family friend on my new team but that I am first committed to my career and the opportunity to grow professionally.  On a personal level I would want to have a conversation with my family friend and inform him/her of my new role. I would want to set clear boundaries and expectations regarding the need to keep personal and work-related situations/issues separate. Below are just a few expectations/boundaries that I would make clear with my family friend

  • Commitment not to discuss work outside of work
  • Remain in a professional relationship at work-not to discuss personal situations at work.
  • Avoid making personal plans over  work  hours
  • Understanding that he/she will be treated like any other team member. No favors as a friend….Kindly click the purchase icon to purchase the full solution at $5
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