Part 1: Individual

  • Describe your organization as a closed or open system. Discuss how thinking differs between the two. Is there a difference in systems thinking in traditional healthcare versus complex adaptive systems?

Part 2: With Your Group

  • Systems thinking allows a more holistic perspective on decision making. Share examples of the types of decisions that occur at the unit, department, and organizational levels of the organization. Describe the impact of those decisions vertically, horizontally, and system-wide. Describe the effect of the decisions at the individual system level as well as the impact throughout the organization.


My organization is an open system. I don not see any hospital system being closed when the input, output, and throughput are involved. In a closed system, there are separate entities all working at the same time, but independently of each other. In one that is open, all the entities not only work at the same time, but depend on each other to function to reach an endpoint. There is a difference in systems thinking versus complex…Kindly click the purchase icon to purchase the full solution at $5

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