What are the attributes of the learning organization and how does it align (or support) the complex adaptive healthcare system? What leadership styles are inherent in learning organizations that may not be totally supported in a traditional organizational culture? Using the cultural assessment you did a few weeks ago, how does your current organizational culture and climate align with the learning organizational attributes? What other information might you need before you could make that determination? Where would you obtain it? How does your philosophy of leadership and personal leadership profile align to the attributes of the learning organization? What is the role of the nurse leader in leading and creating a shift toward becoming a learning organization?


Learning organizations are quite different from the traditional or hierarchal working environments where decisions are made and carried out from the top down. In a transformational healthcare system where the culture is encouraged to be creative, and failures are not looked upon as such; they are viewed as learning experiences, a better way of finding solutions. Both learning organizations and complex adaptive healthcare systems have non-linear behavior, and a high degree of connectivity (Ratnapalan & Lang, 2020). In a traditional organizational culture, it is linear….Kindly click the purchase icon to purchase the full solution at $5