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Saleema had total hip replacement in March 2015. One week later, the stitches started to bleed. She was concerned and went to the doctor’s office and was told it was a superficial hematoma. The bleeding continued on for three weeks and involved two doctor’s appointments and one trip to the emergency room. She was sent home each time with a diagnosis of a superficial hematoma.

Finally, Saleema’s visiting nurse saw her on a home care visit and called an ambulance, concerned about the amount of blood loss. Upon further investigation at the ER, a terrible infection was discovered that had spread into the bone. Saleema went in for emergency surgery and a PICC line was placed in order to administer the medication vancomycin. On this medication, she developed Steven’s Johnson’s syndrome, which was not diagnosed right away as the skin peeled off her hands. She ultimately went into acute renal failure and had to go back to the hospital. Two days post-admission, she developed C-diff and several vancomycin-resistant infections. She died in the hospital, two months after the original surgery. The cause of death was determined to be septicemia. Saleema lost her life over what was supposed to be a routine hip replacement.

As a future risk management nurse, please discuss the following points and questions.

  • Discuss your interview plan with Saleema’s family to collect data around her incident.
  • Which method of interview do you prefer to use, and why?
  • The goal of the interview is to provide accurate answers to questions of interest. Please provide two relevant questions and discuss which measurement levels you would use with your question. Explain your choices.


In order to collect the necessary data from Saleema’s unfortunate incident, interviews would need to be conducted with her family. Notice, I said interviews, because I believe there would need to be more than one interview done with her family in order to effectively resolve the investigation and provide some comfort and closure for her family members. Interviewing friends or family of a particular person is an example of an indirect personal interview. Since a direct personal interview with Saleema herself would not be possible, meeting with her family would be the next best thing….Kindly click the purchase icon to purchase the full solution at $5

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