Assignment Criteria for the Paper

1.    Identify any existing quality concern or an existing patient safety issue and provide the rationale for choosing this issue.

2.    Explain the background and scope of the problem.

3.    Analyze the issue based on the appropriate quality philosophy.

4.    Identify the regulatory guidelines, internal and/or external benchmarks, or evidence-based practice standards surrounding the issue—explain what that expectation is and why. 

5.   Use the appropriate quality improvement tools to improve the quality outcome.

6.   Describe how you could or will get involved in this initiative to make a difference and move it forward to enactment.

7.    Summarize the content in concluding statements.

8.    The body of the scholarly paper is to be 3–5 pages in length, excluding title and reference pages.

9.    Grammar, spelling, punctuation, references, and citations are consistent with formal academic writing and APA format as expressed in the current edition.

10.  Include a minimum of four references published within the past 5 years, not including your textbook. References may include scholarly websites of organizations or government agencies and must be presented using APA current edition format for electronic media.


Quality Improvement Model: Falls in Hospitals

Introduction and quality concern

According to Morris and O’Riordan (2017), hospital falls are a common complication in healthcare, resulting in tremendous harm and devastating complication for hospitalized patients. The majority of traditional nursing and hospital-based incident reports propose that all hospital falls are preventable, and nursing organizations classify inpatient falls as adverse events in healthcare. However, the prevention of falls and other injuries in healthcare facilities has continued to pose significant challenges within the healthcare system and across the continuum of patient care. The purpose of this submission is to review falls as a safety and quality concern, and offer interventions aligned with Quality Improvement frameworks, regulatory guidelines, and EBP (Evidence-Base Practice) standards….Kindly click the purchase icon to purchase the full solution at $10

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