For any new project or revision of a current process, key questions that will need to be answered are whether it’s needed, does the institution have the capacity to support it, what is already in place that will facilitate implementation, and what are the downsides or barriers to development. In short, the SWOT analysis is a necessary component of planning a project and preparing the business plan. Critically examine your PICO(T) and project proposal through the lens of a SWOT analysis of your organization. Determine and describe what information you know and what you need to find out to complete a SWOT analysis that will provide rationale and validity for your project.


My PICOT: In hospice patients (P), how effective is increasing nursing visits to daily visits when patients’ pain/symptoms are challenging to manage (I), compared to making nursing visits once or twice per week for unmanaged pain/symptoms (C), which affects patient’s level of comfort (O), during their hospice stay and at the end of life (T)?

Hospice patient visits will increase daily to manage uncontrolled pain/symptoms, compared to nursing visits once or twice per week for unmanaged pain/symptoms, affecting patients’ comfort level during their hospice stay and at the end of life.

Strategic planning is setting long-term goals for an organization with the propensity for financial growth and different strategies. Key concepts lay the foundation for the strategic plan by using the SWOT analysis to identify the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. According to Robellor et al. (2020),  a SWOT analysis is a standard tool used to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats internally and externally within an organization. It is a vital component that guides the planning process in an upcoming project. Specifically, it enables the business team to envision the need and overcome  possible obstacles that can advance failure of the project.


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